The new hotel in the city center Phurua



" Phurua Boutique " House party "

" Because fun to come with a fully. "

Pool or Jacuzzi.
Meeting & Seminar




- Organized group seminar.
- ATV trips, whitewater kayaking.
- Trips into the forest study.
- Near 7-11, marketing, Phu Rua National Park.
- A private, convenient, clean, safe.

" Phurua Boutique house party " ... Green hotel & sport club ! ( New hotels, mattresses, premium grade sleep comfort, privacy, security, city center, friendly party )

House party : Is there a house. Feel safe for guests Corridor connecting There is a safe city center Rua. Perfect for your event by singing a pool party, whether it be a bachelor party birthday party for family, retired veteran Wang. Friends Big Bike tour of a small sports car.

Boutique : boutique means small but fully in the preparation of our means. Enjoy the convenience of location, be it a pool system from Jacuzzi Species of the same province, gym. , Saunas and steam coal, either, meeting facilities, a full security system. CCTV central building, the only way out, there is a private car park.

Green hotel : we have run a hotel that is environmentally friendly.

Sport club : and enjoy the swimming pool, fitness center, sauna, steam rooms in both the coal and steam to 20 people including pool party.